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      Tugas Sekolah kali ini akan membagikan contoh makalah study tour ke malang jawa timur menggunakan bahasa inggris dengan judul Study Tour To Report Malang East Jawa. Berikut contoh makalahnya :


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TAHUN AJARAN 2019/2020

Activity Report Study Tour 2019 in Malang By Title Reports STUDY TOUR in Malang.
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Writing this, I Present To:
1. Parents Us Who Has Support Us
2. Teachers We The Always Leads And Directs Us
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5. In general, For Dear Readers

 Reading is the source of life
 Develop your potential for achievement
 No Day without learning.
 How Smart Hence Learning.
 People work for a living, students study for a science.
 As long lifespan still create works of as many
 Maybe people can forget something, but do not forget the services of teachers.

     Thank God we pray to the presence of God Almighty because with mercy, grace, and Taufik and his guidance was the one we can complete papers Jogjakarta Study Tour to limited knowledge and capabilities.
     We sincerely hope that this paper can be useful in order to add insight and knowledge on this trip report. We are also fully aware that in this task there are deficiencies and far from what we expected. To that end, we expect the criticism, suggestions and proposals for improvement in the future, remember nothing is perfect without the means to build.
    Hopefully this simple paper is understandable for anyone who read it. Had this report has been prepared to be useful for our own as well as people who read it. Previously we apologize if there are errors words less pleasing and we invoke criticism and constructive suggestions for improvement in the future.
Tegal, 08 November 2019

Special Region Of Malang
     Malang, is a city / county in East Java. It is located in the highlands, so that the air in the city is quite cool. The cultures that can be encountered in Malang, among others Malangan Puppet Mask (Mask Malang). The art style is a form of the confluence of three cultures (Middle Javanese, Madurese, and Tengger), This happens because Malang has three sub-culture, namely the sub-cultures that live in the Middle Javanese Kawi mountain slopes, a sub-culture of Madura on the slopes Arjuna, and the sub-culture of Majapahit culture Tengger rest on the slopes of Mount Bromo-Semeru. Malang famous ethnic religious communities, dynamic, hard-working, straightforward and proud identity as Arek Malang (AREMA) and uphold the unity and allegiance to Malang.
     In Malang, there is also a place which is a means of cultural appreciation East Java, East Java Cultural Activities of Parks, in this place often displayed a variety of distinctive cultures of East Java as Ludruk, Ketoprak, Puppet, Puppet, reog, Kuda Lumping, Sendra dance, while This increases the new art that is growing rapidly in the city of Malang is art "Bantengan" This art is the result of the creativity of the original peoples of Malang, since ancient art actually is already known by the people of Malang but only now "Bantengan" better known by the public not only the local community but also outside the region and even abroad. Lodging in Malang often held performances Bantengan almost every kind of religious festivities and the anniversary of independence.
   Now if you are looking for food or snacks typical poor here we can find very many, the most famous include Apple, Malang Meatballs, Tempe and Tempe typical Sanan chips, tofu rice cakes and many others.
1. expand Sciences, The Public Insight And Size
2. Getting to know the place - Travel Tampat In Malang The Beautiful And The Keep On Indoneisa
3. Know The Origin Of Places - Tourist Attractions in Malang
1. The method used in the execution of this paper are:
2. Methods of Observation
3. Namely by looking at an object directly visited or studied.
4. Methods Literature
5. That is by using the internet
     The city is not far from Malang and can be reached within 45 minutes from Malang. Stone was designed as a tourist city. The main income of the Batu community is from tourism and plantations, both vegetable and flower gardens. The cool environment is suitable for gardens, so plants thrive. Plantation products are usually sent to supply areas outside the island, one of which is where I live, Balikpapan. While the majority of the results of planting flowers are sent to Bali because the residents of Batu said that many also open flower shops there. Understandably the interest demand in Bali is quite high for prayer activities. Now, while in terms of tourism, the city of Batu has built many recreational places for families that are always crowded with visitors, especially at weekends. If you visit Batu, don't worry about running out of lodgings because in this city there are a lot of lodgings, ranging from hotels, resorts, villas, homestays, to residents' homes for rent. Also no need to worry about the inn being far from the tourist attractions because the original in the town of Batu was everywhere near, around the city of stone taking a taxi did not take up to 30 minutes.
     Currently popular recreation spots in Batu include (will be updated with a hyperlink later on J) East Java Park 1 & 2, Museum Angkut, and Batu Night Spectacular (BNS). These four arenas are always full without knowing time. Yesterday, we only had time to visit Batu Secret Zoo and Animal Museum located in East Java Park 2, Museum Angkut and D'Topeng, and BNS with the limited time we have. One day we could only explore one place because it was spacious, had a lot to see, and kept Emil in a state so that she would not be exhausted. Plus the weather is uncertain, heavy rain often comes between afternoon and evening.
    He said incomplete to Batu without visiting Batu City Square. The city center is clean, chic, and kids friendly. There is a playground to train the gross motor skills of children filled with cheerful children, there are also Ferris wheel, and lanterns in the square. Here there are no smoking rules in the park square. If you want to smoke, you can do it in a designated smoking area shaped like a bus stop in the corner of the square. Batu Square at night is very beautiful because there are many lamps and lanterns. Oh yes, for those who love culinary, do not miss eating milk baggage at the 1967 Post of Ketan Legenda which is located across the square. Sticky rice is delicious with a variety of toppings. The price is friendly in the bag, only Rp 7,000 a portion. But getting ready the queue is extraordinarily long.
    Traveling in Batu is relatively cheap, starting from lodging, food, transportation, and souvenirs at reasonable prices. According to experience, tourist areas usually price prices that are not approximately to tourists. What feels the most is the price of food because we must eat at least 3 times a day. Hehe. In the city of Batu, you can still fill your stomach starting from IDR 8,000 even though you are in a recreational area. Many inns are also cheap, starting from Rp 100,000 per night depending on the type of lodging.

     Selecta is one of the interesting tourism object in Batu that crowded by many visitors. It is located in Tulung Rejo village, Bumiaji district, about  13 km from the city. Selecta is a tourism object that offering the ruthless of air with about 20ha widt. This place has swimming pool facility, flower bed, hotel, restaurant, and playground.
     Selecta was built in 928 by a dutch named rayter dewild. It resuides in dale with height of 00 m dpl, the temperature is 17 C. In tourism area, there is bima sakti hotel, wich has healty center and resort of the first indonesia president soekarno and mohammad hatta that used toi apply the country conception.
     Selecta has various supporting facilities of tourism object, for example swimming pool, restaurant, wide parking area, security, fruits market, mosque, tennis court, playground, etc. From those points, selecta has become favorite recreation place fpr family recreation, picnic activity, refreshing, etc. This  area  always visited by a lot of tourist to enjoy their holiday and many recration activies, such as swimming, walking around, etc.

      Malang still remains a tourist destination that mash great demand. This is evidenced by the always hectic tourist destination Jatim park 1 and 2. Batu night spectacular or BNS, waterfalls cuban rondo, apple orchards and nature tours selecata.
     Some time last jatim park group adds one more tourm bahasaist destinationsthat is unique and interesting to visit namely musem transports. From the name alone we can already guess that it is probably in it is transportation. But it is probably different from the museum2 transport to another because the number of collection in them very complete from all countries in the world.
     Transport Museum located in CDP stone, Kab malang, Java’s eastern coastline . more precisely, at JL. Sultan Agung Canal over the No. 2 Tourist town of Batu, malang, East Java. The location of this transport is probably not much of a holiday jajim park 1. To go there is very easy, we just follow the directions from the center of the city of malang East Java tour heading to park 1.
After being in East Java Park 1, we only proceed straight, now on the end of that road is the location of transport museums. If you are still confused, you can also use the GPS in smart phones. Musem transports were on point coordinates
     Facilities At The Museum Carried The Unfortunate Stone Facilities at the musem hapless stone transport. From the restaurantto the Inn. inside the musem or around musem. Moreover, its location close to the touristic jatim park 1, 2 and BNS (Batu Night Spectacular).
     The Uniqueness Of The Wretched Stone Transport Museums The wretched stone many transport Museum has a collection of transportation tools, rangingfrom ancient European cars, theoriginal ancient gerobak2 indonesia Displayed neatly dis etiap area so completely describe the State of the fact in the past. Even boeing 737 airplanes and helicopters into the collection at the musem of the unfortunate stone.
     The zone of batavia and sunda kelapa. This zone illustrate the State of the town of batavia and sunda kelapa when colonial rule. there there are several means of transportation that time one was the wagon cows, Rickshaws, Oplet and bemo.
     The zone of buckingham Palace (buckingham palace). This zone illustrate the State of buckingham Palace which is very pretentious. Visitors will be more at home with the flower garden in front of the Palace that depicts the State of buckingham Palace.
      The zone of las vegas and hollywood are also present in the unfortunate stone transport musem. Here there is a miniature city of las vegas and here also in pamerakan some replica vehicles used for shooting at the hollywod as cars used batman, even the vehicle used in the film fast to furious
     The last zone is the zone of floating boat. As we know indonesia hasa unique market, namely the market buoyancy. Well need not be far to feel the market shopping buoyancy. Because the sensai shoppingbuoyancy although we feel in our unfortunate transport musem.
D. BNS ( Batu Night Spectacular )
    Batu Night Spectacular is relatively new theme park in Batu, East Java, Indonesia. As its name, this theme park opens afternoon to midnight.
    This theme park can be a hang out place for children, family or even youngsters. The park is very interesting with nuance of flowers, comical characters, clown, relief, miniatures, depends on carnival events of the park. BNS also has various of games for agility.
     If you love to shop, BNS also has a nice place for shoppers at Night Market, that was designed different than other night market. Stands are well composed, and there are many things you can browse such as clothing, flip flops, handicraft to pets. THe prices are reasonable and quality of the stuffs are good enough as BNS management decides the quality standard of the goods.
BNS food court provide various kinds of delicacies from international to traditional.
     Here are facilities in BNS: Night Market, Food couth, Spectacular Show ( Laser Show, Dancing Fountain, Multimedia Show with 50 meters screen ), stage,
     lampion garden, 4D theater, Ghost House, Ghost Bust, Glass House, Family Karaoke, Games Room, Go Kart, Battle Area, Drag Race Curcuit, Road race and Slalom with audience tribune, Cafe Hantu Elite, Magic Square Resto, Restaurant, Carnivals and many more.

      For people in East Java, Jatim Park 2 may have been heard many times as it is one of the famous tourism object in East Java province. Jatim Park offers a recreation place as well as a study center.Jatim Park is located at Jl. Kartika 2 Batu, East Java. To reach the location is not too difficult because the object is only 2, 5 kilos meters from Batu city. This Jatim Park tourism object is about 22 hectares width. Visitor can enjoy at least 36 kinds of facilities which can attract them as well as give new knowledge. Just after the pass gate, the visitors will find an interesting view of ‘Galeri Nusantara’ area. This study offering continues to step on ‘Taman Sejarah’ area, which contains of miniature temple in East Java like Sumberawan temple, customhouse of Kiai Hasan Besari Ponorogo and Sumberawan Statue.
    The other facility which is able to be enjoyed is ‘Agro Park’ area. It presents crop and rareness fruits, animal diorama which consists of unique animals that have been conserved, and supporting games like bowling, throw ball, scooter disco, etc
    Jatim Park is suitable for family and school recreation. The recreation area sites offer precious tour and can used as alternative media of study.

      Suramadu national bridge is is the bridge that crosses the Madura Strait, connecting Java island (in Surabaya) and Madura Island (in Bangkalan, exactly east Kamal). It has length of 5438 m, and makes this bridge become the longest bridge in Indonesia today. At early construction the bridge was inaugurated by President Megawati Sukarnoputri on August 20, 2003 and its opening was inaugurated by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on 10 June 2009.
    This bridge was built in case of developing the economic structure of Madura Island, which is relatively low compared to other regions in East Java. Suramadu Bridge is consist of three parts, which is the causeway, the approach bridge, and the main bridge. The Causeway was built to connect the construction of bridges by road through shallow waters on both sides. Approach bridge connecting the main bridge to the Causeway. While, the main bridge consists of three parts: two side spans for about 192 meters long and one main span of 434 meters.
    The main bridge using a cable stayed construction supported by the twin towers for about 140 meters. And the main bridge deck is using composite construction dor 2.4 meters thick. To accommodate the cruise ships crossing the Madura Strait, this bridge are provides free space for about 35 meters above sea level. This part was caused the restoration becomes more difficult and hampered and pend more cost for it.
    This is also the first toll bridge in Indonesia, which is initially set at Rp. 30,000 for four-wheeled vehicles and Rp. 3,000 for two-wheeler. Now the possibility to access Madura Island is easier to reach and do not need much more time to get. The visitors will experience the great moment crossing over the ocean and see the blue Madura Strait coming over. At night, the bridge is become more pretty for the moving and colorful light is like the dancing fountain over the sky
    it can be concluded that the tourist places in malang it very much, and we must always keep and take care to keep it beautiful as the original. in order to attract tourists to vacation in malang.
    In addition, the charming town Jogja we should not add to the western cultures we feel very good or trends. but it is wrong, we should keep the original culture Malang itself in order to have a unique authenticity eyes of the world.
     Malang is one of the favorite tourist town for vacation and spent the rest of the time resting in tourist places in Jogja. although many mystical stories circulating in the wider community, the tourists still enjoy the enthusiastic tourist places in Malang.

     We realize that in making this paper were encountered difficulties, therefore we welcome any suggestions and criticisms so that we can improve this paper.
     Such conclusions and suggestions in the manufacture of this paper. In making this paper a lot of shortcomings, for the author as a human being apologize for any shortcomings and oversight. Hopefully this paper
benefit us all.


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