Contoh Reply Inquiry Letter

    Inquiry letter merupakan jenis surat permohonan atau permintaan informasi mengenai produk,jasa,lowongan pekerjaan dan informasi berbagai bisnis lainya.
      Pada dasarnya fungsi umum surat ialah bertujuan untuk merespon periklanan dari berbagai sumber yaitu seperti surat kabar,majalah,dan media elekronik lainya.berikut saya bagikan contoh Inquiry letter dalam bahasa inggris :

Roberts Danuar & Family
15  Street London
NY 239001, ENGLAND
 20 June, 2018
PT Maju jaya International
JL. Samidikun No. 24
Tegal  22, Indonesia
Dear Ms. Fuji,
Thank you for your letter of  9 June, 2018 requesting about our Belly men’s belt.
We would pleased to enclose our catalog together with price, terms and sample products, for your review and are confident that this catalog will provide many of the answer you have required.
We offer you 5% trade discount for long term contract.
We hope you will find our prices and terms are satisfactory and look forward to having you as our potential customer.
If there is additional information you would like to know regarding our products, please do not hesitate to email us at


Ronald Trump
                                                              Customer Relations.

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