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Contoh Pidato Bahasa Inggris Singkat

     Tugas sekolah kali ini akan membahas tentang pidato dalam bahasa inggris.  bagi kamu yang belum tahu apa itu pidato saya jelaskan secara singkat.Pidato ialah suatu aktivitas kegiatan berbicara di depan umum yang isinya tentang penyampaian pendapat,ide dan gagasan tertentu tergantung tema yang di bicarakan.namun. Berikut contoh pidato dalam bahasa inggris :

   Firts of all, let’s say thanks for Allah SWT, cause has always kept, given grace and also health for us, so that we can assemble at this place. Then we unforget and never bore to say our greet to our great prophet Nabi Mohammad SAW.
Ladies and Gentlemen
    For this moment i want to explain about environment taht has related to our forest.Environment is one of thing that is very important for the survival of mankind and should take care with good by us. Our country is a country that has tromendous natural wealth.
   For long time ago, Indonesian forest has become the lung of the world and also become as a foundation of the environment balance in all over the world. If developed. Countries industries have produced great smoke, so our forest, will clean up the pollution by the green forests that we have own in many exist areas.
Ladies and Gentlemen
    However, today we have to take an action to save our forest, because it’s the lung of the world that we have is being damaged and mostly lost due to illegal logging and forest fires. If the deforestation is going on continuously, may be our forest will be lost and eventually the global warming will be increased eventhough it caused flood in many areas in every rainy season.
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Ladies and Gentlemen
    When our forest started getting damaged, i believe that one day we can’t feel the fresh air and the cool breeze at noon. Our country will turn become very hot and feel torture. The changes of weather in this country can’t be predicted, the arrival of dry season will be more quickly and lasted longer.
     Are you agree if indonesian lost its forest and the weather turn like that ? of course not. So let’s safe our forest to get fresh air not to get flood and has good environment.
    That’s all of my explanation about environment forgive me if there is any mistake in my speak thanks for your attention.

Wasslamu’alaikum Wr. Wb

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